Micro-Segmentation Day - Recordings
Micro-Segmentation Day - Recordings

Keep your business afloat, even if you're attacked.

Join the micro-segmentation experts from Orange Cyberdefense, Guardicore and AlgoSec on a Micro-segmentation Day.

Recordings now available on this page!

The migration of vast amounts of data and data processing to the cloud — or more precisely, to clouds — the lack of visibility and control across complex hybrid environments and constantly growing cyber threats are arguably the biggest challenges of enterprise computing over the past years.

Network segmentation is a well-understood and established security practice. The problem is that it is difficult to execute in dynamic infrastructures, across complex hybrid networks, and at cloud scale, where workloads are communicating and often migrating across segments.

Software defined micro-segmentation is a more agile, secured option. It can be applied fast, anywhere. Especially areas where enterprise customers know they need to further segment their applications and workloads to detect and thwart threats within their data centers, clouds, or hybrid infrastructures in real time before they can do any damage.

If you’re attacked only one segment will affected, and your business can stay afloat until the segment is repaired. In an environment without micro-segmentation an attack can affect your entire business, resulting in a costly delay until everything has been repaired.

Check out the content of our very first Micro-Segmentation Day and join the discussion!



Gilles van Heijst, CTO Orange Cyberdefense Netherlands

Gilles welcomes you to the event, discusses some house rules and explains why micro-segmentation should be on your agenda. Live broadcasted from the Orange Cyberdefense headquarters in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Microsegmentation – The practical benefits within a strategic cybersecurity program

Mario Procopio – Pro CISO Cybersecurity Advisory Services

The session will analyze some practical operational and security concerns, explaining how Microsegmentation can be used to achieve tactical quick-wins, while also creating the foundation for a more robust cybersecurity strategy in all of its phases. Whether in a consolidated infrastructure, a digital transformation or a cloud migration, microsegmentation can help companies rapidly detach from their physical boundaries, to be fully in control and future-proof, even in an evolving environment. The continued visibility provided by micro-segmentation, in addition to its enforcement capabilities can provide benefits to both multiple IT and Application stakeholders, in addition to the security managers.

How to map hybrid/multi-cloud network

Avishai Wool, Co-Founder and CTO AlgoSec

Technical track

Infrastructure agnostic security

Yuval Goldberg, Director of Product Guardicore

Technical track

Taking Guardicore flows and applying them on the network

Yoni Geva, Product Manager AlgoSec

Technical track

Ransomware – how to fight it

Ariel Zeitlin, CTO Guardicore

Technical track

Digital Transformation – supporting your journey to the cloud

Nick Baglin, VP EMEA Guardicore

Strategic track

Understanding your hybrid/multi-cloud network security topology

Richard Ferrier, Alliances & Channel Manager AlgoSec

Strategic track

Mitigating Ransomware with Zero Trust

Thomas Norlin, Regional Director Nordics Guardicore

Strategic track

Micro-segmenting your network in an application frame of mind

Avishai Wool, Co-Founder and CTO AlgoSec

Strategic track

ESIS – how they leveraged security with micro-segmentation

Sebastian Kim Morsony, IT Architect and System Consultant & Marcus Bengtsson, CTO Orange Cyberdefense Nordics

During this plenary session Marcus Bengtsson, CTO of Orange Cyberdefense in the Nordics region, interviews Sebastian Kim Morsony from ESIS on how to succeed with micro-segmentation.

Closing panel session

Mario Procopio, Avishai Wool, Ariel Zeitlin and Tim Lemmob

Mario Procopio moderates the expert panel session with in our panel Avishai Wool, CTO AlgoSec, Ariel Zeitlin, CTO Guardicore and Tim Lemmob, Principal Cloud Architect Orange Cyberdefense.

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