Managed Secure Access

A new approach is clearly needed

Address a new reality

There is an old belief that bad things come in three … this is becoming true in the volume of cyberattacks the global economy has witnessed, and which had a triple digit* increase … and still going up! The high adoption rates of SaaS applications, cloud platforms, remote workforce, coupled with the ease adversaries can conduct attacks with have all contributed to the increase we see.

On the other hand, security teams are challenged in the ways they secure their organizations; the traditional ways network & security have been built decades ago and need to evolve when applications are no longer in the datacenter, and users are no longer in the office!

What are you facing ?

Increased Complexity

Multiple point solutions with little/no integration

Policy Enforcement Challenge

Challenges to enforce policies across all users, at all times, on any device, wherever they are present

Lack of Agility & Limited Budgets

Pressure from the business to achieve quick wins while reducing operational costs

Hard to Control User Experience

Business users expect the same performance irrespective of their location

Secure and consolidate all your access today !

Managed Secure Access protects all your access from the latest emerging threats as they get confirmed by Orange Cyberdefense Threat Intelligence platform.

Our Managed Detection & Response services allow you to discover breaches and give you the ability to minimize business impact across all types of access.

Managed Secure Access provides complete security, consistent policy enforcement and enhanced visibility for 3 use cases:

  • Secure Remote Access (1): Protect & control access of remote users to internal resources
  • Secure Internet Access (2): Secure your users’ access towards the Internet & SaaS applications wherever they are
  • Secure Cloud Access (3): Control access to your critical cloud resources
Datasheet: Managed Secure Access

A single unique platform for an efficient and solid protection


Leverage Orange Cyberdefense threat research & Intelligence-Led approach


Benefit from consistent policy enforcement & visibility


Take advantage of our flexible delivery models

Take your first step toward SASE

No two SASE journeys are alike.

A successful transition to a SASE architecture depends on how you choose to design, build and maintain the network to secure users, applications and devices.
Orange Cyberdefense is here to help you achieve a seamless and secure transition to a SASE architecture while reducing complexity and optimizing the user experience.

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