Industrial System Cybersecurity

A hidden part of our every day life

Digital transformation – and what then?

From production to Building Management System, from smart homes to energy production, transportation and healthcare: Operational Technology (OT) is everywhere around us. The digital revolution progresses across all industries.  Especially in production, OT systems were traditionally thought to be “protected” by an air-gap separating them from the highly connected (and thus highly vulnerable) IT-world.
This is no longer the case as IT/OT convergence, which has already progressed for quite a while, was accelerated by the increasing use of IT technologies in industrial systems. This fusion brings with it a completely new world of benefits, efficiency, and flexibility. But it also opens plants, shop floors, production facilities and vital infrastructure to the darker world of traditional IT threats.

The benefits of connected OT without the risk

With proper security mechanisms implemented for industrial networks, organizations can increase their competitive edge and benefit from the efficiencies when interconnecting environments. Effective OT security protects business-critical processes, systems and people, and reduces security vulnerabilities and incidents.

Orange Cyberdefense works with customers in many different industries, with similar challenges related to the use of industrial control systems, SCADA environments, health and medical equipment, etc. Many challenges are the same, and security solutions must be applied across OT and IT environments to enable efficient operations and management.

With new power comes new responsibility


of production sites do not have any protection of their industrial work stations.


of industrial plants have a direct connection to the internet.


of industrial plants run on outdated operating systems.


out of 320 companies know they have been hacked at least three times.

Why we can help you

A strong partner to face the security challenge


Dedicated support according to your activity sector in order to set up a strategic, integrated security approach.


A hybrid team: OT/IT experts dedicated and specialized in industrial systems security.


A worldwide presence allows us to support you wherever you are and at any given time 24/7/365


A portfolio adapted to address both stakeholders: IT and OT.

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