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Managed Cloud Security [Infrastructure]

The cloud can create a storm of complexity

With the growing use of cloud-based services, there can be a lot of moving pieces to monitor and manage. And manual security management tools are not sufficient to cope with this complexity.

Are you using the cloud securely?

Misconfiguration is one of the more common mistakes in the cloud, which can lead to a data breach and leave an organization vulnerable to attack. That’s why organizations need to correctly configure public cloud services to address cloud risks.

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Managed Cloud Security Infrastructure Figures Orange Cyberdefense

Prevent misconfigurations, maintain compliance and detect known & unknown threats in the Cloud

Orange Cyberdefense Managed Cloud Security Infrastructure

Our CSPM solution delivers a comprehensive protection of your cloud assets

  • One place: unify your security controls into a single view, to make your Cloud security simple to manage.
  • Visibility: gain visibility into your cloud assets and cloud assets behaviors.
  • Compliance & Configuration risks: prevent data breaches and compliance violations with continuous monitoring and assessment.
  • Threat Detection & Response: get detailed alerts at the first sign of an anomaly to prevent minor incidents from becoming major problems.
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Gain control with the best combination of cloud-native security and human expertise

Your key benefits 

Mitigate Human Factor

Verify configuration based on security best practices to mitigate the risk of mistakes.

Powered by our Intelligence-led Security

Our proprietary and external sourced intelligence helps you make the right decisions

Win the battle against time

Detect threats around the clock and respond quickly to reduce impact of breaches.

Benefit from an approach adapted to your context and objectives

Highly scalable cloud security customized to client's need.

Connecting the dots

Today, IT teams and security teams are facing decentralized and heterogeneous points of control.

Users access multiple applications in multiple environments from multiple locations, making it more difficult to secure, control, track and manage security.

Orange Cyberdefense helps you gain the freedom to innovate using cloud services without the risks that come with it.

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