Sanne Aagaard

Marketing Manager - Denmark

As Marketing Manager, I am responsible for a small team who work closely together regarding everything related to marketing, branding & PR of Orange Cyberdefense in Denmark.

How we should build a safer digital society?

To me it is important that my children can feel safe online and that we do everything we can to make sure, that nobody is exposed to bad things such as having compromising pictures shared on the internet without their consent. It is also important to me, that I can share my personal data with my employer, my doctor, or other public authorities online in a safe digital environment. Finally, it is important to me, that our businesses and critical infrastructure are adequately secured against hackers and other cyber criminals, so they can’t harm us or paralyze vital sectors. For these reasons I’m very proud to work in a company where my colleagues are specialized in monitoring the current threat landscape, experts in protecting us, our customers and society from most cyber-threats and cyber-heroes when it comes to reducing the risk of cyber-attacks every day.

What #NoBiasInCyber means to me:

To me "No Bias in Cyber" means that we are committed to create a workspace and a working culture at Orange Cyberdefense where diversity, inclusion and equality is a part of our DNA. Where people are hired because of their skills and expertise and not because of their gender. As a leading global tech company, we have a huge responsibility to bridge the gender-gap, be proactive, insisting on change and inspire others to bring spotlight on the biases that still exists in the tech-world as well. Diversity is an asset – that’s a proven fact; therefore, it must also be a part of the overall business strategy and on everyone’s agenda – including top-management. That’s why we must say No to Bias in Cyber, and why I’m dedicated to do everything I can to inspire and attract talented women of all ages and all backgrounds to join in – and join us at Orange Cyberdefense. Cause working with cybersecurity is awesome.

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