Intelligence-led security

There's no such thing as bad weather....

....only unsuitable clothing!

To find out if you need an umbrella it might be sufficient to take a look out of the window. However, your umbrella will not serve you well, if you end up in a full-scale hurricane. And preparing for long term climate change is an entirely different game.

Advanced Cyberdefense is very similar. To fend off a specific malware campaign you can turn to multiple point solutions. But for truly building up resilience you need to know what is going on at a much larger scale. Major mishaps like Solorigate did not just come out of the blue.

Security Intelligence is your weather forecast (albeit more reliable), to make sure you are best prepared for the next cyber storm.

Security Incidents: Top root causes

Why is intelligence-led security the way forward?

Find signals in the noise

Identifying the signals to focus on is hard when your only available angle is limited to your organization.

Make best use of security tech

It is important to use the full capacity of current security technologies and know which ones are future-proof.

Focus on real incidents

Potential vulnerabilities are one thing, but what is actively exploited often is a different matter.

Invest where it makes sense

Budget is limited, so make sure to spend it where it has the most impact.

Intelligence-led cyberdefense: bringing it all together


The intelligence-led approach helps you to...

…invest resources where they have the most impact and demonstrate security ROI.

...react faster and smarter to new threats and campaigns.

… make the right strategic, operational and tactical decisions.

…remain agile while safely enabling your business.

Charl Van der Walt

Head of Security Research, Orange Cyberdefense

When all you need is an umbrella, building a storm-shelter is overkill. When all you have is an umbrella, but you actually need a storm-shelter, you are in trouble. Understanding the weather is crucial. Intelligence is what makes the difference.


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