Improving security posture with Check Point CloudGuard and Aviatrix Multi-Cloud Network platform

Kl. 13:00 1 time Online

1. juli kl. 13-14

Join this webinar to get ready for The Future of Cloud Network Security

In the cloud era, the role of network security architect has become more critical than it has ever been. Complexity and human errors have always been the banes of security professionals.

In this session, we will focus on how enterprises are leveraging the Check Point CloudGuard network solution and the Aviatrix Multi-Cloud Network platform in order to:

  • Improve overall security posture,
  • Ensure corporate and regulatory compliance,
  • Embrace the exponential growth in enterprise cloud networking complexity by building on the combination of cloud security best practices and multi-cloud network architecture.

Your hosts:

  • Geert De Ron, Cloud Security Architect EMEA at Check Point
  • Ides Vanneuville, Sr. Director Systems Engineering EMEA at Aviatrix

Looking forward to your participation!

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