This is how Anne found the right work-life balance

Anne Fischer, Inside Sales

Before Orange Cyberdefense's customers invest in solutions or services which improve and strengthen their cyber defense to improve their resilience towards cyber attacks, the process typically starts with complex offers. And every case must be managed with a secure hand. That’s what Anne Fischer in Inside Sales does every day. But even though her work is characterized by structure, it is also very varied and flexible, which makes it possible to balance work with family life even though she doesn’t live near the office, and as a mother of two small boys, she values that a lot.

Life is like a solitaire – it must be solved. Anne Fischer's approach to her work can be described as simple as that. Her priorities are clear: She wants a job she is happy with, and it must be compatible with the life she lives, so she has time for her family and can be present in her children’s life while they are still young and needs her. That’s a priority for her. She has found such a job in Inside Sales at Orange Cyberdefense. Here she gets challenged every day, which means that she gets to develop her talent for finance, structure, and process management. That really becomes her.

"My role is to support our Sales team and assist our Key Account Managers in many different ways. In Inside Sales we make sure that the agreements with the customers are implemented correctly when it comes to offers, invoices, orders, and logistics. Often there are several challenges connected to the whole order intake process and it can be complicated at times, but it is my responsibility to make the process as smooth as possible, and make sure that the deliveries are made on time in full, so we always meet our customer's expectations", Anne explains.

To be able to do this, she depends a lot on Microsoft Excel, which is one of her most important work tools, and it helps her streamline even the most complex offers. According to Anne, if used correctly, a spreadsheet is never wrong, no matter how many changes appear along the way. This creates predictability, which means a lot to her, and it supports her job satisfaction. It is not without reason that she calls herself an "Excel geek" with a smile on her face.

It doesn't feel like a pyramid

Anne has been employed at Orange Cyberdefense since the beginning of 2023, and can therefore still look at her workplace with fairly new eyes. And she especially highlights one thing about the Danish organization, which she especially likes, and that is, that it has a fairly flat structure, when she compares it to some of her previous workplaces In Orange Cyberdefense everyone sits together in a large office, and everyone’s opinion matters, regardless of title, experience and function.

"Of course, we have to have an official responsibility and management structure. But it doesn't influence the way we relate to each other at the office on a daily basis. The whole atmosphere is I general very informal, friendly and openminded. For example, my desk is right across from our Managing Director, which really illustrates our nonhierarchical organizational culture. Everyone has access to each other without a lot of formalities and closed doors. Besides from the fact that you feel welcome, it also saves us time and makes us more efficient", says Anne.

Working from home is not a problem

Immediately after Anne was employed by Orange Cyberdefense, she was equipped with a "real home office" – not just a laptop at the dining table. Since she lives hour away by car from the main office in Copenhagen, homework plays an important role in her ability to balance work and family life with two young boys. Like all employees at Orange Cyberdefense in Denmark Anne is free to plan which days she works from the office and which days she works from home. This arrangement makes her more efficient, because the days she chooses to work from home saves her a lot of transportation time, which she can spend with her family instead.

"In my work, I have exactly the freedom, I need to balance my work life and by private life. But of course, it goes hand in hand with the responsibility of managing my tasks and delivering the results that my colleagues and our customers expect from me within the deadline we agree on. But whether I work from home or leave the office early to pick up my children, I is up to me. And if I choose to work a few hours in the evening when my children sleep, that’s also totally up to me. In this way I’m completely free to manage by work – and plan whenever I work. This is how I prefer things to be right now, and my manager as well as the entire organization understand and support that. We trust each other, and by the end of the day, all that really matters is that I complete my tasks and do my best to get the job done to everybody’s satisfaction", says Anne.

The majority of men doesn’t bother Anne

As in the rest of the IT industry, the distribution of female and male employees in Orange Cyberdefense is approximately 80/20 percent – in favor of men. But that didn't worry Anne before she said yes to the job, and it doesn’t bother her as an employee neither. She gets on well with her male colleagues, and her attitude towards gender bias and the whole diversity agenda is simple: You must be able to do what you want – there should be no limits to what you can achieve - regardless of gender.

"I think there are signs that more women are beginning to see the IT industry as a relevant career path. If that development picks up speed, I welcome it. But I mostly believe that it will come about by itself. My hope is that the changes will come little by little with time. I prefer that instead of us forcing the development in other ways. For me, it makes more sense to arouse the interest for the IT & cyber industry and promote the exciting opportunities the Tech industry has to offer both sexes - then the diversity will hopefully increase along the way in a natural pace", says Anne.

Orange Cyberdefense is where she sees herself

If you ask Anne: "Where do you see yourself in five years?", she also has a clear and down-to-earth answer. She wants to stay in Orange Cyberdefense, but she doesn't know more than that yet, because her focus is very much in the present. But if she looks a few years ahead, she still plans to carry out her work in Inside Sales to the best of her ability. While her children are small it’s a high priority for her to spend as much time with them as possible though. That’s the plan, and Orange Cyberdefense support her in that.

"When the time comes, I would like to expand my professional competences, but I will find out exactly how this is to be done later. Until then, I’m happy with where I am. I’m learning and developing a lot of new skills in my current role in Inside Sales, and since continuous education is an integrated and important part of our work culture, I’m sure I’ll will not have a doll moment in the years to come. I have an open mind and like to learn new things as long, as they are relevant for the tasks, I’m responsible for. And I don't think there are any limitations within our company on this matter", says Anne.

Ready to recommend working with cybersecurity

Whenever anyone approaches Anne to learn more about how it is working for Orange Cyberdefense, and being a part of the cybersecurity industry, she always gives them a straightforward answer. Anne is always ready for a chat and a warm invitation to just jump right into – and to her it doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman she talks to. It's all about the interests and skills – and a positive attitude and energy.

"When I started at Orange Cyberdefense, I didn't know a whole lot about what I was getting myself into. But it soon became clear that I had landed in an organization where you take good care of your employees. So, if someone I know have the interest and the right skills, I do not hesitate to reach out when we have a vacant position and advertise for new colleagues, if I see a good match in my network", says Anne.

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