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Cyberbreakfast - Orange Cyberdefense in Switzerland together with Orange Business

“Be a CISO they said, it will be fun they said”

CISOs meeting CISOs !

Orange Business and Orange Cyberdefense welcome you to the next cyberbreakfast dedicated to CISOs:

  • How is the CISO journey going on? Meet your peers in cybersecurity! Discuss challenges and how to solve them! Open talk about latest news!
  • Meet Marco Eggerling CISO at Checkpoint, a CISO for who security goes beyond his day-to-day work.
  • Get to know your peers in cybersecurity in Zürich during a cyberbreakfast.
  • Best practices exchange about the CISO journey and a break to network.
  • Discover the latest hacking trends with the Head of Ethical Hacking and Pentesting at Orange Cyberdefense. Keeping up with the latest hacking strategies is always a challenge. Hackers can be very creative and so do their hacking methods. The world is being disrupted and let's discover together the latest news and what does it mean for us. We also discuss practical experience with Microsoft Bitlocker Exploitation and make a "deep dive into attack against the solution Bitlocker of Microsoft

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