The finance industry is facing unprecedented challenges

Trust is the main currency

The whole industry operates in providing, selling and buying trust. Sponsors trust their investments to be safe, financiers trust their beneficiaries, customers trust their insurances. Once trust is lost it is hard to gain back.

Meet compliance, protect data and secure business operations

Dealing with new competitors, stricter regulations, and customers looking for a better and easier digital experience, financial institutions need to be agile and innovative to secure their assets and continue to generate revenue.

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Finance Cyber Stories: are you prepared for a ransomware crisis?

Are you prepared for a ransomware crisis?

Even if it is not often mentioned, financial institutions are targets for ransomware.

What can financial players do to stop and prevent ransomware?

In episode 2 of our Finance Cyber Stories, take a deep dive into each step of a ransomware attack and discover how a financial player will respond to this crisis situation.

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Digital Platform Security

Classical markets with declining productivity impede the growth of our social and economic systems. Organizations are well aware of this and are digitalizing to the fullest in order to strengthen their market position. New digital platforms are being developed to enhance efficiency, to better inform and support customers, and to create business value and innovative collaboration between partners. One of the biggest struggles when it comes to the creation of digital platforms is security. With cybercrime being one of the biggest economies now, no risks can be taken.

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Orange Cyberdefense to the rescue

Increased automation

The idea of - applications being treated as code is expandable and applicable to all other IT components. For example, monitoring and exploiting CI/CD pipelines, operating systems, storage, and network configurations should be automated processes treated as code without the need for any manual intervention.

We are all convinced that automation in DevSecOps is the common denominator that accelerates security by making it a frictionless part of any digital-driven organization. In addition, automation brings digital systems-as-code secure and faster to the market.

Our DevSecOps technical solutions

 Web Application Firewalls

Code reviews (SCA, SAST, DAST, iAST)

Managed WAF

Runtime Application Security Protection (RASP)

API Security

Security Navigator 2022: explore some key findings for finance and insurance industry

  • Finance continues to have a higher amount of confirmed Social Engineering Incidents than the majority of other sectors, in particular confirmed Phishing attempts.
  • This year, we have also detected Denial of Service attacks against this sector. No other vertical had as many confirmed DoS attacks as this one.
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