Jan Yperman Hospital

Jan Yperman Hospital opts for 24/7 managed threat detection with MicroSOC

Jan Yperman Hospital, created by the merger of three regional hospitals, comprises the main campus in Sint-Jan as well as seven other sites in Poperinge, Wervik, Veurne, Komen, Diksmuide and two in Ypres. With an average of over half a million consultations, over 30,000 one-day admissions and over 1,000 births per year, their network is under great pressure every day. For the 1,350 members of staff and 140 doctors, quick and easy access to all documents and data can sometimes make the difference between life and death.

The challenge | monitoring the security alarms without putting any extra pressure on the IT team

Despite its size, Jan Yperman Hospital has a relatively small IT team. However, the IT staff have to juggle a great many things at once. On the one hand, they do their utmost on a daily basis to protect the hospital’s IT environment and data. On the other hand, they work on IT solutions aimed at productivity, modernisation and the further development of this high-tech organisation.

“As well as the doctors and nurses who have to retrieve medical dossiers and patients who want to stream the latest Netflix film, we have a lot of connected medical devices that leave a unique footprint on our network”, says Jürgen Taverniers, IT System Engineer at Jan Yperman Hospital. “Needless to say, all these data and medical devices have to be protected. So we were looking for a way to monitor our security alarms without putting any extra pressure on the IT team.”

The solution | MicroSOC, a managed eXtended Detection & Response (XDR) service

Orange Cyberdefense reinforces the Ypres IT team with MicroSOC, a managed eXtended Detection & Response (XDR) service that collects data from various sources such as endpoints, firewalls and user-identity. A specialised team of experts monitors the hospital’s systems and networks 24/7. When threats and incidents are detected, the team takes measures to counteract the breaches and repair any damage.

“We have been working with Orange Cyberdefense since 2009”, says Jürgen. “It’s always the same people, whom we trust to protect our hospital and above all our patients. They are very familiar not only with our environment, but also with the medical sector, which helps us grow.”

“What’s more, communication and cooperation work very well”, Mario Keersse, IT manager adds. “Our account manager can be reached at any time and is always ready to help. In addition, we hold monthly service meetings to look at what can be done better and where any problems lie. And these problems are then resolved quickly and properly.”

“We monitor for security incidents 24/7, secure in the knowledge that as an IT team, we can always rely on the Orange Cyberdefense experts, even at night, if our network suffers an intrusion”, Jürgen says.

The results | More time & productivity for the IT team

The four-eyes principle adopted by MicroSOC enables the IT team at Jan Yperman Hospital to focus on future-centred implementations. “Thanks to MicroSOC, our cybersecurity is carefully monitored while our team can work on other projects. So security is always up to date and as IT people we can sleep soundly. And we no longer have to follow up the alarms on holiday by the pool”, Jürgen laughs.

Round-the-clock monitoring of security incidents means that the IT team no longer wastes time having to follow up all the alarms, including the false positives. “With MicroSOC, Orange Cyberdefense has provided us with a solution that is not only extremely reliable, but that also allows us to be more productive”, Jürgen adds. “MicroSOC gives us the capacity to invest time in future-centred implementations and strategy.”

The future | 24/7 CyberSOC

We would like to develop even closer cooperation in the future”, Jürgen says. “Our aim is to reduce the number of false positives even further. And we are trying to create a situation where MicroSOC is no longer an external team, but rather feels like an extension of our own team. The implementation of MicroSOC is the ideal basis to eventually develop to a 24/7 CyberSOC.”

The benefits of MicroSOC

  • 24/7 managed threat detection and response
  • Security is always up to date
  • Problems are resolved quickly and properly
  • Four-eyes principle
  • No more time wasted on false positives
  • IT team can be more productive
  • IT team can now focus on future-centred implementations and strategy
  • A good night’s rest for the IT team

Download | The Jan Yperman customer case in French, Dutch or English

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